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From subpoenas to summons and complaints, writs to small claims service, private investigations to court research—and more—May We Serve You supports you as your firm’s one stop for all of your process service needs.

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May We Serve You

Your goal: Securing justice for your clients.

Our goal: Placing a multitude of paperwork in the hands of the right people, so your goals meet with success.

Reasons to Choose Us

Is someone evading service of your papers? Let us try.

Experienced Process Servers

When other process servers miss a deadline, make errors in your papers, or don’t try hard enough to find your defendants—call MAY WE SERVE YOU. You can trust us to provide timely, reliable attorney services locally and nationwide.

Multi-Faceted Strategy

Whether the task is routine or complex, your project will be a priority for us. We don’t stop after just two or three attempts and then make excuses. With more than 20 years of experience, we stick to your mission until you are satisfied.

Skip Trace Success

With tenacity, our research team tackles your skip trace and basic asset searches. You receive accurate, comprehensive data. Your documents will be handled properly, and the proofs will be filed on time.

Our Clients Trust Us

Attorneys and Private Invesigators know that we perform due diligence, sticking to the job until the papers have been served or the address is proven to be bad. Then, we’re there to help you find the next address and work together till your subpoenas and summones are in the right hands and the Proof of Service filed. 

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